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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mindfulness of the Center Leads to True Mastery of Movement

Ideas from Master Cai 
Compiled by Jan Diepersloot

If you have injury in the body and blockage in the meridians, you don't have enough qi in the body to heal yourself when you're moving because you're using energy when you're moving. Movement is already directing the qi, the classics say. We believe that the qi must first be generated in stillness so it will naturally well up and circulate. Then, it can be used in movement and can be directed. Particularly as we get older, the main job is always to generate the qi and develop our mental abilities, and not to deplete our energy through excessive use of movement. In wuji meditation we learn to control our movement by gaining control of the stillness at our center. Otherwise put, to control your center, you must be still in body and mind. Thus, mindfulness of the center leads to true mastery of movement