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Monday, March 21, 2011

Fan Sung: Let nature take its course

Fan Sung
by Jim Roselando

     The Chinese state: Fan Sung (let go) is the essence of our art.  It is through Fan Sung that we are able to let nature truly take its course. This does not mean we are not utilizing "awareness" of the physical, mental & breathing state but just as loose guidelines to keep us on the right track and not to trap us into any particular rigid structure.  

     When you suspend, relax and breathe your body has all the info needed to cultivate in tranquility. The classic states: Utilize Silence To Manage Action!  So, even though many elements are cultivated in Zhan Zhuang (yin/yang, six harmonies, etc.) these are the result of Fan Sung & Silence and not something that can be artificially duplicated through trying think or mimic structure.  The end result will be a TRAP for you and your cultivation! This is why we do not utilize mirrors during training as you will attempt to artificially duplicate versus a natural progressive cultivation.  

     When practicing Zhan Zhuang Qigong there are many wonderful benefits but unless your mind, body & breath are completely relaxed then these benefits may never surface. So, just suspend, relax, breathe and Fan Sung!!!  Within no time you will understand how the theory of utilizing comfortable force is the big secret of our training!