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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Core Noi Gong: A total internal exercise for the Mind, Body and Breath.

Notes from MIT Qigong Club Emails by Coach Jim Roselando, Jr. 
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What you experience at MIT Qigong sessions is Core Noi Gong (internal work/exercise) from the art of Yiquan.  Since the human body can only move in so many ways, this exercise is regarded as the King of the internal arts. Why is it so effective?  Natural conditioning, dynamics and energy all come from this which is equal to training Yoga, Taiji & Meditation.  Three forms of exercise all in one!

The progression of Yiquan is important to understand.  A, B & C = Standing, Moving & Walking!!!  {zhan zhaung/shili/ma chor}  AND, the reality is there is actually No Difference between Standing, Moving and Walking!  Each are essentially the same mechanics with the only difference being the amount of momentum that is utilized.  So, Moving and Walking = Standing with a bit more momentum but, there is no doubt that the Core of Yiquan Qigong is Zhan Zhuang Gong (Pile Standing Exercise).

One of the benefits of this art is the cultivation of AwarenessThe three keys to transport awareness are Posture, Relaxation and Breathing!  Each of these aspects is in the Natural State!

Yiquan is regarded as Yang Sheng (life nourishing) exercise, this training effects the entire human organism.  Different from external exercise, when you are training Yiquan, you are not bringing the mind and body into a chaotic state, which depletes the body as you exercise.  The heart rate and pulse will lower, the mind will quiet, the soft expanding and contracting massages the internal organs, the body opens up versus closes off and everything from the vascular system to every cell in the body gets nourished and activated!  So, when you are done your mind is calm but alert, the body is open but relaxed and other great benefits!  Over all, a total internal exercise for the Mind, Body and Breath.  You can see why Yiquan founder Wang XiangZhai wrote:

"Internally Alert, Externally Relaxed!  This is the foundation of Stillness!"

So, the reality is simple, but the training is physically demanding!  Why?  The internal health exercises are something that most have never done, and our bodies are so far from being in the Natural State that the most simple things are extremely arduous.  Remember, all we are focusing on in the beginning is the Core: Posture, Relaxation and Dan Tien Breathing.  With these three pieces of awareness to guide us the rest is about the time you invest outside the classroom!   

Zhan Zhuang is truly an investment in the Self and requires only a small amount of time per day to gain results.  Take our Two Week Challenge and see why this is pound for pound the most effective training known to humanity and the ultimate Cross Training exercise to fit with any other sport or fitness method.