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Monday, February 14, 2011

"Standing alone, Guarding spirit, All muscles are one” ~WXZ

It is said that already 2000 years ago there existed the book "Internal Canon”, the gem of Chinese medicine, which even today is a guide for medical practice. Chapter “Simple questions” concentrates on cultivating health. For example we can read there: "In ancient times great masters stood on earth, supporting heaven, controlling yin and yang, breathing with essence of qi, standing alone, guarding spirit, with body being a one". Although the text is simple, its meaning is profound. It was a method of exercise preventing illnesses, and in cases when acupuncture and medicine didn’t help, patient could use these principles to do exercises. The main points are yang – cultivating, nourishing and jing - tranquility, non-movement: “standing alone, guarding spirit”.
“Standing alone, guarding spirit” means that before starting the exercise, mind must be prepared, thinking of being in the state of tranquility and non-movement, at beginning of everything, when anything can happen. Body is as a plant, static if looking from outside, but all kind of changes are happening inside. The “broken” method of techniques mustn’t be used, as it would spoil everything. Although partial movement can be useful, but if practiced for long time it is harmful – it is movement which is chronically ruining health.
When practicing, you should always keep the feeling of light and swift upright standing, without breaking intention and force; light, relaxed, even wholeness, according to the principle of comfortable force.

Notes from Master Wang Xiangzhai