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Monday, February 21, 2011

Presidents Day Email from Coach Jim Roselando

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Date: 2/21/11
Subject: Strength From No-Strength

Just a little reminder that we will be training tonight @ MIT!  If you are off for today's holiday then this is a perfect night for a powerful session of Zhan Zhuang Qigong!  Bring some friends and introduce them to the pound for pound most simple and effective internal health art known to humanity!!!!   

One of the most common statements in the Yiquan art is: 
Develop Strength From No-Strength!  
Listen to what Master Wang Xiang Zhai had to say about this maxim:

"The Standing Pole exercises seek to develop strength from no-strength (non-exertion), movement from non-movement, and rapid movement from slight movement.  The more relaxed the body, the faster the circulation of blood, and the faster strength will develop.  If one exerts brute strength one will tense up, and the body will thus lose its spontaneous flexibility, often to the point of obstructing blood-flow.  This (relaxation's) type of strength is largely formless, and of the mind (shen).  If one uses the strength of "form", then the intrinsic nature of movement is lost...  When the body is relaxed as possible, the mind (shen) is completely collected.  Thence, though the form may appear base and sluggish, the mind is agile."