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Monday, February 28, 2011

Jim Roselando on Tranquility

Date: 2/28/11
Subject: Tranquility

     There are many arts that claim to return the mind/body/breath to the natural state via softness but the plain and simple reality is there are very few arts that practice and achieve the natural state.  Most of the so-called "Internal Schools" have swayed so far from the natural path that very  little to no results can be yielded and within the Yogic community one can clearly see most of the training is more related to Hard practices. Breath of Fire is one of the most common breathing sets found in classical Yoga and is the opposite of "tranquility" methods!  So, if you are tired of learning complicated sets, numerous movements and practicing un-natural exercises then it is time to experience the power of Zhan Zhaung!!!

Some notes regarding tranquility:

     The importance of "entering a quiet state" is not purely spiritual: IT IS OF GENUINE THERAPEUTIC VALUE.  The influences of mental overwork, worry, stress, and emotional distress are now well known to have far-reaching effects on the human organism as a whole.  The importance of nurturing Shen "spirit" and protecting it from exhaustion due to overwork or emotional stress was recognized from early times.  

In Chapter 15 of "The Book of Master Zhuang," Zhuang Zhou writes:
     When one is at ease and tranquil, worries cannot penetrate, noxious external influences cannot invade one.  Hence one's virtue will be complete and one's spirit not decline!

The Inner Classic of the Yellow Emperor expresses it in similar terms:
     When one is tranquil and empty, TRUE BREATH (ZHENG QI) responds, and with one's attention inwardly fixed (guarded), how can illness take hold?


Jim Roselando